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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

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Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

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Total Distance

I woke up feeling better than I have the last four days. All going well today I'll do a small run this afternoon and test the waters for Saturday morning.

9.2 miles before wrestling practice. Not a good run. Legs were not feeling like it was running time. I could tell that my body had been sick for the last few days. The nervous system and also the body were everywhere. My stomach rumbled the entire run making me stop twice to use the potty. I think that was mostly due to all the cold syrup left over down there just causing problems now.

(107.9 Blue Cumulus)

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Good run this morning with Dave. Met up at the running store and ran out through Ivans up the road to Gunlock. Basically an out and back run. It was great running with Dave again. We just got into a little groove and clipped right along right at 6:50 min pace for the run. I'm excited to get back into the swing and start hitting the club runs again. Nice morning out too.

(128.1 Blue Stratus)

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8 mile run this morning. Wow for the first time in my running career in STG I had to run in snow and ice. It rained most of the day yesterday and into the night it started to turn into ice and snow. My putting green in the back yard has about an inch and a half of standing snow on it! So the running conditions were slick. I tried to stay on the paved road as much as possible but in some places there was a thin layer of black ice and I'd be sliding all over. Other than that it was a pretty nice morning out. The cloud cover kept it fairly warm. Glad to be back running again. The weather said that by the end of the week it will be 62 degrees here. Smile.

(115.9 Blue stratus)

12 mile run this afternoon. I went out and was feeling pretty good. I got into a pretty good groove and just stayed in in that gear. I ran up into GS and did that loop twice and then came back and circled around Middleton until I hit 12 miles. Hit 6:35 min mile pace for the run.

Total Distance

12 mile morning run. It was a clear night last night which means it was ice cold this morning (for me). The good part about it being so cold is that I could run up in the dirt and mud and it wasn't an issue because it was all frozen solid. I did the new overpass loop.

(Red Stratus 31.5)

8 mile run this afternoon. Just an easy recovery type run up around GS.

(White Cumulus 23.5)

Total Distance

13.1 mile morning run. New overpass loop and then when I got to GS I ran up to the Powerline trail and then down into Middleton. It was dark until I got down into GS but when the sun started to come up it was awesome. Sometimes the sunrise over the desert is just amazing.

3 mile run on the treadmill this evening after a long day.

Total Distance

13.1 mile morning run. The same route as yesterday. I had a feeling my calculations were off about the distance so I wore the garmin today and I was off .2 - but overall not a bad guess. I used the "stick" last night and rolled my legs out and they felt great this morning. I just need to make myself do that every day. 

(Blue cumulus 121) 

Total Distance

13.1 mile morning loop around the overpass. I struggled to get up this morning. We finished our region wrestling tournament last night late and it was a long day. By the time I got home and in bed I was just trashed. So I was just lucky to get up today. But the run was actually pretty good once I got rolling and the legs felt pretty fresh from having yesterday afternoon off.

My varsity wrestlers did great. They won 8 of the 14 finals matches. They have been solid all year and should make a run at a top 3 spot in the state tournament next week in Orem. I wish I could say the same about our JV. Once again at the region tournament our JV really struggled- but when it comes right down to it I'd rather have a strong varsity that will score big at the state tournament than a JV team that can win region.

With that I'm one week away from being done with wrestling. Our state tournament starts next Wednesday at UVSU.... should be fun. I just have to find a way to run a little while I'm up there?

(white cumulus 36.6)

10.75 mile run this afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Dixie- the temperature at my house a 3 p.m. when I left on the run was 62. Pretty nice for the middle of winter. I ran up to the powerline and took it over to the Millcreek trail and down into GS and back home. When I left the house I was only going to go 7 or 8 but the weather changed my mind. I did have to stop for potty break. My tummy wasn't doing so well. It must have been my diet yesterday- Cafe Rio for lunch, followed up by pizza from the Pizza Factory for dinner, and a bunch of candy in the middle.

(Blue Stratus138.85) 

Total Distance

Good club run today. Steve, Dave, Mike and myself. We left from Dave's house and went out over the fields bridge then up past Indian Hills and through that valley to Sand Hollow. Then form there we just made our way back on the road through Coral Canyon and into Washington back up to Dave's house.

Dave and I cut back a couple times to bring in Steve and then we did .1 at his house to make it 21 for the day.

For the most part it was a pretty good run. I really liked seeing some new territory and running out in that back canyon. The last 5 miles in are on the main road and there is a lot of traffic but that was the only bad part. I think Dave and I finished at 7:04 min/ mile pace.  Which is pretty much how it went for most of the run but we did push it pretty good out for a few miles and then the last mile or mile and a half we really slowed down and just cooled down on in.  I was ready to be done when we finished. Yesterday's 23.75 and this mornings 21 crammed into a small time frame...started to take a toll.

(Red Stratus 52.5)

Total Distance

13.1 mile run. The overpass loop mostly in the dark. The run started out pretty hard as I was feeling pretty stiff and sore from last week. Then I started to loosen up as I made my way down off the trail into GS. Had to find a port-a-potty for a little roadside action. Then after that I struggled to get going again. So overall not the best run in the world for me. I will try to get out again this evening as we prepare to leave for Orem tomorrow morning for wrestling. I'll be up there the rest of the week.

( Blue Cumulus 134.1)


9.2  miles this afternoon. Went from the grass store up  the trail around the hill that Stone Cliff sits on- past the Hooper estate and back down River Side Dr. It was very nice this afternoon- shorts and a t' shirt. Good run.

Total Distance

14.1 mile morning run. Same usual loop other than I extended it around the first and last through Middleton. Again I used the stick last night and my legs felt way better this morning.

Now it's off to the northern tundra for the rest of the week for state wrestling. I'm not sure what kind of running I'll get in... but I've been planning on this week being down anyways due to state.

( Blue stratus 152.95)

6 miles around the motel in Provo.

(White cumulus 42.6)

Total Distance

12 laps around the Provo town mall parking lot. A pretty good run this morning.

(Red Stratus 66.5)

Total Distance

10.2 miles this morning. More laps around the mall parking lot. Today there was snow, ice, and slush. Get me back to the desert!

(Blue Cumulus 144.3)

4.65 more miles around the Mall. It really wasn't that bad running there. I'd do it again. No traffic, or lights and each lap was about 1.2 miles long depending on what tangents you ran.

(Red Stratus 71.1)

Total Distance

16 mile run this moring with Sasha, Ted, and Jeff.

9 degrees this morning in Provo. I'm just trying to get through this run and happy we are not doing a tempo or anything...

Sasha picked me up from my motel and we went back and did 6 miles before the other guys got there. As we were making our way back to meet up with those guys Sasha said we needed to run tempo speed to get back on time. So we pushed it out back up to the house... not too fun in the cold.

Then Ted and Jeff joined us and most of the rest was pretty laid back. We did pick it up a little at the end to catch and pass the 7 min guy.

Glad to get that one in the bank. This has been a long trip. I'll head home Saturday and try and run when I get there.

( White Cumulus 58.6) 

Total Distance

Finally got home after being gone all week up at the state wrestling tournament. This has been a long week. Some good, some bad, all very stressful and memorable. Now I'm just trashed. 

The run was down past the fire station, up the Millcreek trail, over the powerline trail to the water tank. Then down into the industrial park and back home. The weather was nice but I felt terrible. I think with everything all week I've just over did it a little and this run was almost too much. I had planned on going 16-18 but came home with a stomach ache and called it good.

The wrestling year has came and went. My 6th and final season as a coach at Dixie High. We ended up finishing in 4th place overall as a team and having two 1st place champions. It was good and bad. Good that some of the guys reached some big goals and bad that some of them didn't even do half of what they did the year before.  All and all I've loved it and loved the kids. I'll miss it next year but it's just time to be done... for now.  

Total Distance

13.3 mile run this morning. I did a version of the standard overpass loop. The legs felt a little heavier than usual. It was sure nice out though. I'll be lounging around the house the rest of the day before the afternoon run.

I'll try and get 120+ miles in this week before doing some kind of a mini taper next week before Del Sol.

(Red Stratus 84.4)

 13.3 mile run this afternoon. The same run as this morning. My legs felt a little faster and not so heavy but the stomach didn't. I had lunch and was going to wait for 2 hours to run but I got antsy and left just after an hour.  It just made for some interesting burps and stuff while running. Great day to run.


(White Cumulus 71.9) 

Total Distance

12.2 mile morning run. Over through the industrial park and up to the water tank. Then down over the powerline trail into GS- around the outside and back home the long way through Middleton. The long uphill to the water tank always reminds me of why I don't like to go that way... but it is a good hill workout. After that I just tried to run nice and easy back home. It ended up being 7:09 pace for the run. Not bad with all the uphills and trails. Today will most likely be a recovery day.

147.5 lbs

(Blue Cumulus 156.5)


9.3 miles this afternoon. Ran from the house up to the powerline down into GS and around back through Middleton. This was a lot better run than I thought it would be. After a couple really slow miles to get warmed up I started to hit 6:15 pace for the last 5 miles without much of an effort. Just hope to take it one day at a time and continue to feel good.

 (Blue Stratus 162.25)

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Total Distance

13.7 mile run this morning. A little drizzly out this morning which helped the weather to fit my mood and pace. I just kept it slow from start to finish. Did the new overpass loop and changed some things around to mix it up a bit. It ended up making the run .6 longer. Hopefully it will clear up so I can get some work done in the back yard.

(Red Stratus 98.1)


6.3 miles this evening on the treadmill.  I had planned on going out for an 8 mile loop but it started raining and stuff so I just stayed in and ran on the treadmill. I did a couple miles in each pair of racing shoes I own to see how things are wearing. After analyzing three pair I realized that I really only have one pair that are worth anything. Anyways I felt o.k. and just stopped when I got to the mileage needed for 20 miles for the day.

Total Distance

10.75 mile run this morning. The GS/powerline/industrial park loop. Foggy and wet out this morning. I've been telling Paul that the weather in amazing this time of year... and it's turned kind of dull. Hopefully it will clear up for some of his and Stacy's trip down here.

3 mile mid day run with Paul after putting down some Cafe Rio. I even had a side of Key Lime pie. It is soo good there. At this point the food wasn't doing any real harm and we were just moving right along at around 8:30 min mile pace. Nice easy run with Paul. It's alway nice to run with him.

10.5 mile run with the club. The food I had earlier came back with a iron fist... so I got separated from the group while I stopped for a pit stop. Then I took a detour up around the club house at Sun Brook and then while coming back on the main road I ran back into the guys. I Googled the run that I did and it was 10.6 but I'll call it 10.5 for now until I check it with the GPS. Most of the time Google Earth is pretty close though.

Good to get back out with the club again. It's been a long time since I hit a Thursday run. I'm pumped for spring and summer and the progress everyone had made.

(red stratus 108.6)

Total Distance

12.1 mile morning run. It was raining out early this morning and I hurt all over so going on a run was the last thing on my mind... but I went and it sucked but I'm glad it's in the bank. (blue cumulus 168.6)

Total Distance

18.2 Run with the club. Dave, James, Paul, and Hayden. We dropped Paul off after he smashed Lybi's 5k time. After we made our way over to Ivins Dave and I picked up the pace and ran a tempo back to the store area and then one mile cool down. The tempo was good about 5-6 miles at sub 6 min pace with the fastest mile being at 5:39 so nothing too fast but a good push. It was the first push or tempo type of run that I've done since last fall I think. Anyway it was a good workout to get ready for Del Sol.

(Stratus Blue 180.45)

Happy to hit a solid week of mileage. This is my biggest week ever. I was on pace to go over 130 but felt like I may have been asking for an injury so I cut out on my run Friday afternoon.

Total Distance

20.4 mile morning run. I got up and was getting ready to go out for a usual 10-13 mile run and as I was getting dressed the Winchester Hills loop was calling me. It was like I could feel there was a big bag of unmarked bills along the trail that I was intended to find. So I grabbed a GU and said my good byes to my lovely wife and little doggies and I was out to find my pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The route I took up landed me right at 10 miles when I got to the golf course and got some water. That first 10 miles is a muther! Pretty much all uphill and on some rocky trails. But it was an awesome morning, and I found my prize in a rain washed, crisp desert morning.

Next was the 5 miles down the marathon course and 5 or so back up over the hill back home. Once I got on the paved road I just focused on running smooth and unlabored-hitting around 6:15 pace down to the light. Man I love running the STGM course. It's like the course and I have a secret bond.

Next was from the light back to the house. The not-as-cool part of my loop. I climbed up the hills and then hit three more sub 6:20's back to the house. Never kicked it into tempo gear just tried to relax and run. Anyways a great run to start what should be a great week with the Del Sol trip in just a few days.

(White Cumulus 92.3)

 3.4 miles this evening to shake the legs out before bed or whatever. I felt great all day after the long run this morning and just did this short little run to make sure I didn't get tight.

Total Distance

12.5 mile run this morning. I had to run by the Redbox at Albertsons to return a DVD so I went that way. After I dropped the movie off I ran down past Costco and turned left over to the dog pound then made my way up to the new overpass in Washington and looped back home by way of GS. Not as fun and exciting as yesterday but they can't all be dimes.

(red stratus 121.1)

 7.8 mile run this evening. Just did the powerline/GS loop with no extension into Middleton.  Feeling pretty trashed for some reason today. If things go right I think I may go in for a message tomorrow.  My body needs it.

Total Distance

13.3 mile run this morning. New overpass/ GS loop ish... Last night I felt pretty crappy on my run, but this morning I felt much better. Not like drop dead amazing but better than yesterday. I needed some extra motivation today so I took my Ipod and the music really helped take the edge off. I ended up pulling away from the 7 min guy and ran the run at 6:58 min pace.

(Blue cumulus 181.9)


4 more miles this afternoon to loosen up. Now I'll start a taper to be fresh for Del Sol this weekend.

(Blue Stratus 184..45) 

Total Distance

7.2 mile run this morning. Ran up into GS and then took the powerline trail back down into Middleton. Overall I'm pretty trashed right now for some reason. I hope that running less miles the next day or so will get me ready to race by Friday night.

(White Cumulus 99.5)

5 more miles this afternoon. Now it's time to start the trip to PHX. We will drive a few hours tonight and then meet the rest of the guys tomorrow at Lybi's in AZ.

(Stratus red 126.1 )

Race: Del Sol (5.5 Miles) 17:04:40, Place overall: 1, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

The Del SOUL Relay Trip where do I start. How about with a 1st place finish and a new course record by around an hour and a half!

I rode down with Steve Abraham Lincon Hooper, Dave, Logan, James, Adam, and Nick. We got a late start Thursday night so we drove to Vegas and spent the night in a swanky little joint know on the street as Sahara. Nice place! Highly recommended. So Friday morning we all got up and did a 5 mile run on the Las Vegas Strip and then made our way down the road to meet up with the other van of guys at the starting line of the race in Wickenburg, AZ.

Dave started our team off and then the order of our van went like this, Logan, Nick, Me, Walter, James. Our team had a 6 p.m start time with the rest of the projected faster teams. There were 5 teams that started at that time- one being our annual foes Google, and a running store out of AZ and 3 others that don't ring a bell at this time.

So the race starts and Dave and his guy from the running store battle shoulder to shoulder all the way to the hand off. Then Logan goes out and drops his guy like bad foreign language class. Nick did just as good and already we have a comfortable lead.

Now is my leg. (Leg #4 5.57 miles long @ 29:57- avg of 5:22 min per mile)

This was the best of my three legs on a performance basis. I went out on what seemed to be a slightly uphill course and was able to hold the pace even when it got hard. It was dark by now around 7:30 p.m. and we were running on a straight road against on coming traffic. Anyways not a lot to report on this leg other than I was really happy with my performance.

Walter, and James ran great 1st legs and we hand off the the other van with a 5 min led on the next team.  

4 miles of warm up and cool down miles and that will end it for Friday.  Now we head over to a local subway and eat sandwiches that will eventually come back up for a few of us. We then travel to the next major exchange and try to relax and sleep until the other guys get there. I was able to roll my bed out on a parking lot and lay down for about 2 hours (25 min) of which I was able to sleep.


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