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St. George,UT,U.S.A

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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


Short-Term Running Goals:

Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

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Baby Jogger Lifetime Miles: 623.95
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Innov Lifetime Miles: 58.50
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Green K5's Lifetime Miles: 88.00
Total Distance
Total Distance

5 miles this morning. I went out for a very easy 8 miles up around GS and over the hill down the trail and it just didn't go as I'd hoped for. The first two miles were slow and pain free. The third mile was slow and I could only feel the quad a little. The fourth mile was the same and the 5th mile really hurt and by the end I had to walk. Ended up walking three miles in pain back home off the desert reserve.

This absolutely sucks! This absolutely sucks! THIS ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! SUCK!

I've never had a injury- or at least one that I couldn't explain and at the moment I'm not taking things very good. What in the freaking world happened? I'm falling apart physically and that is leading to a major mental melt down. I admire Paul and others that are so positive as they work through injuries. I'm not that way. All I can think about is busting my butt most the winter and all spring and it's just evaporating into thin air.

I'm sure this quad will heal with time. But I can't stand the thought of dropping fitness like that and trying work back. I guess I'll get a massage and just go through the motions.

3 miles this evening on the treadmill in Five Fingers. Did one mile and then a ab workout. Then another mile followed by the 10lb weigh lifting and then finished with one more mile.

The quad hurt but I can't stand "time off". I just tried to run a very easy pace 10 min mile and  try to visualize that nothing was wrong. Considering the circumstances it was a pretty good workout- which my body has been begging for. I may go buy a mountain bike and hit some long rides until my quad feels good enough to run. I tested it today on a bike and it didn't seem to bother me. Also may join the new Washington City rec center for the month to use the elliptical, pool, weights and anything else that will take the edge off.

I'm on a mission to be in shape and able to run for WBR. I could care less about any other race this summer but I don't want to miss out on the relay. But if I'm not running somewhat full stride by June 14th I'll have to pull myself out and let someone else run.

Total Distance

20 miles on the elliptical this morning in 91 min's . I'm not sure how to convert these cross training miles over to real one... I looked up Paul's blog and it looks like he give himself a mile for every 10 min's on the elliptical. That formula sounds about right. If there is someone out there who has a more scientific way to measure it then speak up.

The quad was pretty tight and actually a little swollen this morning. But the elliptical machine didn't seem to bother me. I'll most likely go back tonight and keep the two a day workout schedule in place.

11.5 mile on the elliptical this evening in 50 min's. Using the machine isn't the same as running but it is giving me an o.k. burn. I can tell it uses some different muscles than running. My fanny is sore from hopping along on the machine today.  

The quad is sore when I stretch it but maybe deep down inside it may feel just a little better than yesterday... 

Total Distance

21.4 miles on the elliptical in 90 min's. I'd much rather have spent a hour and a half running and hit like 12.5 miles. This cross training stuff isn't a freebie. Yesterday's 31.5 miles on the elliptical made me more tired and sore than a regular day of 20 miles running. But I am working a few different areas so that could be it.

11.6 miles on the elliptical in 50 min's.

I went to see St. George's own legendary April "the massage girl" today. Amazing is all I can say and I kick myself for not going to her for the last two years or so. She worked out my quad situation and my chest... we hope. Here is the low down.

First the chest and pain I had during Ogden and then on and off to the present was a tight diaphragm. She followed the contour of my ribs and applied pressure to help loosen it up and it worked! The pain when she was applying pressure was the same spot and type I had during Ogden. Most importantly she showed me how to keep it loose at home myself.

Now the quad issue that slammed me last week. After messing with it for only a short time she could tell it wasn't a tear. Thank goodness. Most of the intense pain was isolated in a small area and she determined it was a muscle cramp that had caused a major knot. So she proceeded to work it out. Yeah it was pretty much the most painful thing in my life. I'm sure you ladies can relate who have had children- It was that bad or worse. Only this was for a short time (like 25 min's). The good news is she thinks it is all out and that just to be safe I should use the elliptical tomorrow but that I can run on Friday. From my point of view as soon as I got up off the table it was like night and day. So I'm not going to get too excited until I come home from a run pain free but this is moving in the right direction.

 Anyways maybe this little miss-hap will be over a lot quicker than I thought at first.

Total Distance

14.6 miles on the elliptical in 60 min's. 4 miles on the stationary bike in 10 min's.

A good little workout this morning. I'm really antsy to run now that I know it's a soon to be option. No wonder people join the gym and then really never go. I've found it hard to be motivated to go hit the elliptical and it's only three days into it. Sure there are other activities but everything is stationary and very boring. I decided it takes less effort for me to go run my 12 mile morning loop that it does to kick out 90 min's on the elliptical.

Didn't get out again this afternoon. We spent hours riding around and at the new office getting things ready for our open house (at the new office) on Friday. Plus I wanted to give myself the afternoon/evening off to get ready to fully run Friday morning. I made sure to grease up all the joints at In-and-Out Burger for dinner.

Total Distance

9.2 miles of real running this morning. Pain free!!! Well almost- there's just a little bit of soreness in my legs throughout from the elliptical the last few day. But other than that I felt great and now I can't stop smiling from ear to ear.

What a roller coaster this last week has been for me and my wife. At one point I really thought I was done running or at least racing for sure. I tend to get a little excited... Anyways at the end of it all maybe it was for a reason. See I've been toying with the idea of converting my car over to natural gas. But it's pretty expensive and yad, yad, yad. So when I got hurt last week I decided I was going to buy a mountain bike and ride like 40 miles a day to maintain fitness the best I could. That led me to think that I really don't need a car. Mik'L and I are in a situation where I don't really have a lot of responsibility and could very easily use a bike to get around. So that's what I'm doing. Selling my car (I love my car by the way) and replacing it with a mountain bike. I'm excited to see how it will help my fitness. I'll continue to hit the mileage I've been doing (pre Ogden) and also peddle my way around town. We or I really am not like one of those activist crazy type people. I just don't use my car much. In the last two year I've only put 16,000 miles on my car- a lot of those miles were taking it on trips and stuff that we can easily do all those miles in Mik'L's car. So there you have it- I'm running again and happy and there is a sweet mountain bike out there that will have a new home soon!

(Blue Cumulus 367.6)

4.1 mile run from my house down to the bike store (Sunset Cycle). I did it. I bought my machine and she is a beauty. I got a Giant (Reign 2) .

What a fun bike! I've researched things to death and was in between 2 other bikes but finally decided to go with this one. I love it! I rode 15.8 miles in (1hr 16 min's) back home from the store. Right now I'm not sure how or (if) exactly I will convert my bike miles to the blog so I'm leaving them off for now. It was a good ride 13 of it was basically up from the river back into Washington and up above GS and the bike rolled like a champ.

For the moment I've decided how I'll count my bike miles. I'll use a 1 to 4 ratio. I feel this is more than fair to myself for the effort and time involved. I don't have a lite speedy road bike- my bike with everything I have on it weights 33 lbs. Pretty beefy compared to anything on the road.

So for my ride this afternoon I'll give myself 3.95 miles of easy running....This is almost half of what I was using for the cross training miles. That formula was every 10 min's of activity was worth 1 miles.

Total Distance

Big morning of pain. 21.8 mile bike ride in 1:55:08. So I'll count 5.4 miles of that for running. The bike ride was a muther so that is less than fair but I'm just going to stick to my formula and it should avg out in the long run. The bike ride was a big loop around the city. I stopped at the 10k race this morning and helped out for a while and then finished going back up over the T'bone trail and down off to my house. I saw TWO turtles today right by me on the trail. Pretty cool! And yes WildBull I have pictures to prove it this time.

1.25 miles of running down at the race with Dave, Dustin, Marci and a few others after working as a volunteer.

I spent most of the day after getting home on the couch. I think I logged around 4 hours of nap time- good because I didn't sleep very good last night.

14.8 mile run tonight in 1:50:16. Not bad considering the first 7 miles or so are in sandy, rocky, slow trail- with the majority being uphill. I did the overpass loop but started going up the trail and hitting the powerline down into GS first to extend it a little. When I left it was 93 degrees out but felt doable. Once I got to the golf course I hit one of the water stops and rehydrated the best I could. From there up around the overpass and around through DogTown I did pretty good. However once I got to the firehouse with around 3 miles to go I was dehydrated and needed hydro bad. But I just pressed through and was glad for something cold when I got home.

The run felt good. Other than my legs were hamburger before I even left the house from the bike stuff this morning.

(landreth 233)

Total Distance

9.2 mile run this morning. Powerline/GS loop extended. Actually felt pretty dang good. I just kept it easy but nonetheless I felt good. I'm starting to feel things out after the last three weeks of craziness. I think overall I may not have lost really any fitness. But I have lost a lot of efficiency- so in turn that makes me use more energy- hence slower down the road.

So my goals are to get a good solid week of training in and work on turnover a few time to try and get that floating feeling back. The good news is that shouldn't take too long to fix. I think all in all if I can just get one whole week of running in I'll get a lot more confidence back in my stride.

(Red Stratus)

6 miles at the track this afternoon with Logan. It was hot! We did 2 miles of warm-up and then 8x200 with a 200 recovery.

1. 30 2. 30 3. 30 4. 29(thats 3:42 pace) 5. 31 6. 32 7. 32 8. 33 (I was soo ready for this to be done!) 

An ok speed workout. Hopefully there will be no aftershocks. Cooled down with 3 more miles and then road the bike back home.

9.7 miles on the bike today= 2.4 easy miles of running.  

Total Distance

12.2 mile morning run. Finally back to the overpass loop. I slept really bad last night and everything was a little groggy this morning. I felt a little out of it until about 7 miles into the run, and then I was able to let the legs swing a little. Although I've done it many times- I'm really excited to get a solid week of training in the bank. It will just feel so good to push through the week and not have any set backs.

(Blue Stratus)

8 mile run in 58:14 this afternoon on the treadmill. It was too hot to go out and I also couldn't leave the house because the garage was full of camping stuff for girls camp this week, and I couldn't close it because the truck was half loaded sitting half inside and half out....

The run on the treadmill was ok. I put a towel over the screen and started to get into it- then after what felt like forever I looked and had only gone 4 miles. So back on and the second half was a little easier.

Road the bike today but didn't measure it. I'm sure it wasn't 4 miles so no extra bike miles today.

Total Distance

12.2 mile morning run around the overpass. I slept like poo last night and had to get up early so the run was blah. Plus I think there is a little soreness in the legs from the 200's on Monday. It felt like I was pulling some tires, or a plow, or maybe even some bloggers in a little red wagon. I just had a hard time getting any real turnover.

No I'm off to girls camp with my wife. Hopefully once I get all the tents and stuff set up then I can just nap and run for a couple of days- and ride my new hog.

(landreth 245.2)

8 mile run up at girls camp. Camp was at 8,730 ft and most of my runs took me to 9,300ish. This run was pretty depressing because I realized that for the next few days every time I went running is was up mountains and I had no choice. Our camp was located kind of down in this little valley and I could either run up out (which is what I did every time) or run down the road past camp and then have to climb back up. Anyways I got a good workout in as I was getting use to the elevation and climbing.

(Red Stratus)

Total Distance

12.2 mile morning run. Every run was a out and back run up on the mountain. I just went on the same road back up to the main road and followed it until the garmin said 6.1 and then I tried to come back faster to negative split the run. The hamstrings are very sore from the speed workout on Monday with Logan so it takes about 6 or so miles every day to warm-up.

(Blue Stratus)

8 mile run this afternoon. Same as yesterday. I feel like I'm working like a dawg in this elevation- but mostly all the uphill running.

(Red Stratus 377.7)

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Total Distance

12.2 mile run. Today is the last day of camp for Mik'L and I. She has a meeting early Saturday morning so we leave late on Friday night.

(Blue Stratus 385.5)

Today's run was the same out and back as Thursday. Nothing worth writing about.

16 mile bike ride this afternoon = 4 miles of easy running. I took my mountain bike up and planned on getting in some sweet rides. However the terrain (uphill to anywhere) kind of shut me down. But today I bit the bullet and did this muther of a ride. I can really tell I'm working different muscles while riding. The ride was fun bit mostly on a plain dirt road with very little fun jumps, rocks or other distractions to play on.

Back at camp I had to pack up all the tents and gear to prepare for coming home. The dogs were filthy beyond description and they were the happiest of all to come home and get a shower.

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Total Distance

16 mile run this morning with the club. We drove up to Leeds and then ran back to Dave's house via the Coral Canyon mesa and back over the freeway to the firehouse overpass. Very relaxing run- we never put it in gear and just chatted and ran a long. 7:10 avg. The hamstrings were still sore but after about 7 miles I started to loosen up and running felt good. Now after a very, very long week I'm ready to have the afternoon and evening free to relax.

(White Cumulus 341.3) 

Total Distance

Nice relaxing day after church. If your a golf fan you couldn't have asked for more as Tiger made a big move to force a playoff tomorrow. Man I love watching majors. He actually played better on Saturday with a sweet chip-in and a couple of eagles.

On a running note I was glad to finally get a good week in last week. I still feel totally non-racey. I hope to get a good balanced week of training in this week that will leave me as fresh and as fast as possible for WBR. I'm getting totally pumped for this weekend. It will be very cool if we win but even if we don't I'll love hanging with the guys for a weekend of gut busting memmories.

Mileage goals for the week 80-90

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Total Distance

12.2 mile morning run around the overpass loop. Did the headphones this morning and sometimes when I do I run a little faster than I should. I didn't have the garmin on but I'm guessing it was just under 7 min pace maybe like 6:50 or something. Legs are starting to come around- the hamstrings are still pretty sore but way better than last week and other than that I'm almost 100%. So by the end of the week I should be ready to roll.

(Blue cumulus 379.8)


8.3 miles tonight with the club. 5 mile warm-up then a 2 mile tempo and 1.3 mile cool-down. The run tonight with the club was good in theory... I just had some diet issues before the run that screwed things up. Actually the content (sushi and a bowl of Golden Grams) wasn't too bad it was the timing that was. I ate them just after 6 p.m and we ran at 8 p.m... that proved to be not enough time for the digestive system to take care of it's load. So my tempo went south about 1.6 miles into it I just stopped right before it was too late (puking) and took some deep breaths and then just finished slower. The first mile was in 5:08 and I was on pace for around a 5:20 on the second before bailing out.

Anyways a good time tonight with the group. It's fun to have everyone get together and do runs like that.

10.4 miles on the bike = 2.6 miles or easy running.

I road down there and back and it was just over 5.2 each way. I really didn't want to get on the bike after we got done but this is my plan and I have to man up to it.

(White Cumulus 349.6)

Total Distance

10.7 mile morning run. Over to GS then up the sand hill to powerline and up over to the water tank- then around the industrial park to finish. Well finishing the 10.7 mile run was like finishing a marathon this morning. Boy did I struggle. After a warm workout last night and then the bike ride home I must not have rehydrated very good because today after about 6 miles I was way dehydrated. It was a little warm this morning and I didn't get out until about 7:30 so those finishing miles were over 80 degrees but the main thing was just not having any fluid in my system. I got on the scale and was 145 lbs- pretty low for me considering I've been a little heavier since Ogden.

(landreth 255.9)

7.5 mile run this afternoon. GS loop extended. My thermometer said it was 104 and the newspaper website said it was 103 but I'm guessing that out on the blacktop directly under the sun it was pushing 110. For some reason today I thought about trying to be an ironman guy and go brave the heat. Sweat idea Clyde especially after this morning. Anyhow it went better than you'd think it would. I stopped at the golf course restroom and soaked my hat and shirt which evaporated within a mile. The worst part was by the end of my run the skin on the top of my shoulders felt like it was on fire and I just had dry salt all over my body. But if I could push one or two of those out a week it would make me strong...

Total Distance

9.5 mile run this morning. Up to the overpass then back down the trail and around GS back home around Middleton Park. This run felt a lot better than yesterdays. I've got some of the chest cramping that's been hampering my life. Hopefully as I taper off here the last part of the week things will feel better.

(Red Stratus 387.2)

3.5 miles on the grass at the Washington rec center in my 5 fingers. Right in the middle of the day so it was warm. But I knew it was only for a short time so it made things doable.

9.5 mile bike ride = 2.3 easy running miles. I road over to get a massage that I've been saving up. It was a b-day present and it's taken me a while to use it. She just kind of fluffed up the legs and everything is feeling pretty good. Then she worked on my diaphragm. It's soo tight but she did seem to loosen it up. I long for the days when I'd just go out and run and everything seemed to be working perfectly. I must be getting old or something.

Total Distance

7.8 mile run this morning up over the hill and around GS. One of the best runs I've had for a long time- maybe this year. My legs are feeling prime but the cramps in my diaphragm have really be an pain. I started out slow going up the trail and for the first 3 or so miles I could feel the pain from the cramping but then it kind just went away and for the first time in forever I was running with no worries.

I'll have to make sure I get a good warm-up in before each one of my legs this weekend. My total mileage is pretty short for the whole race so a couple mile warm-up or so shouldn't be a big issue and it should aid me in running cramp free or with less than if I had no warm-up.

(Blue Stratus 393.3)

5 mile run in Orem with Dave, Logan, Bill, and Hayden. We drove up this afternoon and then finally got a short little shake out in.

Race: WBR (Legs 12, 24, 36) (187 Miles) 17:54:16, Place overall: 2
Total Distance

4 mile run this morning with the guys here in Orem again. We are now heading up to Logan to start our WBR weekend extravaganza.

3.1 miles durning my first leg in 22:00

 1.6 miles of warm-up before the leg

The first leg looks pretty nasty on paper and then once we go there it looked just as scary in person. You start down in a hole or deep valley and it just goes straight up or looks like it. However as I started to climb it leveled out for a short portion of the first mile- not very long but just enough to give the legs a short break from the uphill action. When I started I was really hesitant to go into full race mode because of my diaphragm. I was feeling good but thought as soon as I pushed the pace at all it would start hurting (the good news is it never did the whole weekend). But it made me run a little tentatively, maybe like 90% effort just to be safe kind of feeling. So I worked up the hill and really enjoyed the first leg running it at 22:00- just 13 seconds slower than Sasha's predicted time. Then at the had of I dropped the baton bracelet durning the hand off to Jeff M. OOPS! Good first day of the race. Or Van was the 2nd van and had Dave H, Logan F, Seth W, Taylor P, Adam W, Myself, and a driver named Jake (Seth's brother-in-law). All great guys and I had a great weekend with them. The other van had Sasha, Jeff M, Jeff S, Tyler, Hayden, and Walter.

Race: WBR (Legs 12, 24, 36) (187 Miles) 17:54:16, Place overall: 1
Total Distance

1.6 miles total for the day of warm-up and cool down- not so good in that area

5.2 miles on my second leg in 31:49. I got the stick at at 4:29 a.m or so. This leg climbs up for 2-3 miles and then kind of is flat/ mini rollers for the last part. I ran this fairly good. I felt like I got out good and was able to work the climb up. Then once it was leveler up by the lake I was trying to get a good race going. But we had some food at the last major exchange and it wasn't sitting very good. Plus traffic was soo tight that it took so much time to travel durning our off time that I didn't any rest at all yet. So I'm not doing very good and (like times of the past) I start dry heaving durning the last 2 miles of this run. I never spew my guts out but it sure would have felt better if I would have. Now we make our way through the traffic again up to Heber City to the last major exchange. My stomach is in such a mess that I opt not to eat anything here and I just want to lay down and sleep. So I roll out the bag and get a short 45 min's of powerful sleep. Now the sun is up and it's a beautiful morning. Nice and cool, green everywhere, hot air balloons, and mountains to run over. We start our leg and make our way through Heber to Midway and to the base of YHGTBKM and Ragnar. We have fun while Adam and Seth run those two legs, and it was just a really relaxing time... other than the fact that I had one more leg left and felt DONE. I really didn't want to run my last leg because I was soo drained I couldn't fathom trying to run let alone hitting some race pace miles. But Logan came rolling down the mountain and handed it off to me and now was the time.

5.1 miles on my last leg in 28:26, start time is 10:25 a.m. Pretty much all right in Park City. It starts on the base of the mountain and flows down out of town to a park by the freeway. Basically all gradual downhill until the last mile where you hit a dirt trail and climb up out of the creek area and run over to the park. It is pretty sad that I pushed as hard as I could on this leg and only hit an avg. of 5:34 pace and I avg. 5:34 pace for the marathon last fall. But I was spent and just glad to be done.

Well to conclude: A great trip! WBR isn't easy to say the least. Every leg is very demanding and will leave you scratching your head as to why it was so slow. But that's what makes it fun... now that it's all over of. We had a lot of laughs in our van and some great personal performances. Dave knocking out 45 kills in one leg, Seth running Ragnar with a PR and new record, Adam making YHGTBKM look like child's play, Taylor with his blazing fast tennis ball shoes, Logan pounding out everything and always being so positive, and me just chillin letting those guys make me laugh. Just Making Memories!

(SS 106.7)

Total Distance

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Total Distance

14.4 mile run this morning. At the first I ran into the Holt boys so I jumped on with them and it added just over two miles to my regular loop. It was nice to have some company this morning and the pace was just right. The legs don't really feel too bad- but the body is just overall tired. I thought I'd sleep like a baby last night... instead I was up all night long and slept like poo.

(Landreth 270.3)  

8.75 mile run tonight with the club. We are going to start doing hill repeats on Monday night on Webb Hill. So we met down at the DC to go map it out tonight. The run was one lap around the trails loop with one trip up the hill. It's going to be a pretty good training aid. Hopefully we don't get burned out on it so we can keep it a part of the diet the rest of the summer.  

(Blue Cumulus 388.55) 


10.4 mile bike ride = 2.6 miles of easy running. My legs were trashed and really had a hard time the last 4 miles or so pushing the bike along. Hopefully I'll be able to continue this as well...  

Total Distance

12.2 mile run this morning. Standard Loop. It was a little hard to make the turn around this morning after running last night later, biking home, and then getting to bed late. Getting up wasn't easy and running wasn't cool. But I worked through it and came home to a cold bath. It seems to feel good right now and I've been taking them after every run.

(Blue Stratus 405.5)

8.8 mile run this afternoon up over the hill trail around GS and home the longer way. For some reason I wanted to brave the heat today. It was 103 in the shade when I took off. I started with a wet shirt and hat, and I also had a bottle of water. The shirt was completely dry after 1.6 miles, but it didn't seem to get too bad. I made the water last until 5 miles where I repeated the entire process again at the golf course. All things considered it really wasn't too bad... Came home and was just on the brink of cracking though. As I walked through our gate I started to get very dizzy and felt a puke coming. After I got some fluid I took a nice cold bath.

(Red Stratus 396.6)

Total Distance

12.2 miles this morning. Overpass loop. I got out a little earlier than normal so that made it a little cooler- always a plus. However I was trashed this morning. Even though last night run wasn't way fast. The 5 miles at sub 6:40 pace on the way home out in the +105, direct sunlight drained my body. I really struggled this morning so I hope to regroup somehow today and be ready for a long run tomorrow morning as I'm now heading up to Park City this weekend.

(White Cumulus 361.8)

12 mile bike ride = 3 miles of easy running. The legs are starting to feel trashed. By the end of the ride I was struggling to keep the bike upright. Although I was packing a big thing of Accelorade and it was pulling to one side.

NEWS*** I'm in Park City this weekend and would love some company for a long run on either Friday or Saturday or both... Speak up if your on the fence about it.

6.7 mile run this afternoon. It was actually cool this afternoon when I started (97 degrees) and it warmed up to 100 by the time I was done. I did the GS loop with a few extra little outlets too hit water. I'd soak the hat, shirt and get a drink. With the water things weren't too bad.

(Blue Cumulus 395.25)

Total Distance

20 mile run in 2:15:37 (6:46 min mile pace). Out the door at 4:15 a.m. Left the house and went over to Washington and down through the fields out past Staheli farms and down past Stone Cliff into the Boulders. Then down into St. James to the trail back up on the trail to the post office and down to the DC. Got a good cold drink at the DC and used the potty. Now back up the trail to Barefoot and then up over past DSC and back to Middleton. Overall it was a very fair course- although the last couple miles didn't feel fair coming up out of the river into Middleton. I was going to do some tempo miles but decided to just hold a good solid pace for the entire run. Really never started to feel bad and was able to finish strong with the last mile being the fastest (6:13). Like I said just a even effort for the 20 and that's what I needed. Something about running a good 20 miles really helps my body come around with the training.

.4 cool down. Not really enough but I really wasn't all worked up anyways.

(SS 127.1)

After running a pretty good 20 miles this morning I was craving something some might call a "no-No". However by mid-day I could no longer hold off the temptations of In-and-Out Burger. The two cheese burgers and fries really hit the spot and I know it wasn't the very best thing I could have eaten... but it tasted so good it made me feel like a CHAMPION! And that's what counts- right? 

Total Distance

12.2 mile run this moring in Park City. I ran from the hotel up around where my last leg of WBR started. I ended up doing some laps around a pond area because it was pretty flat. The pace was slowish, and my hammy's were tight but other than that it was a good run. I ran past a house that was on fire and it was filling the whole valley with smoke.

Now hopefully I can spend the rest of the day riding the bike up on the ski slopes.

(Landreth 282.5)

25 miles on the bike = 3 easy miles of running. Alot of the miles were downhill or in the air... However I did peddle my butt off. I was on the mountain for 6 hours and road up and down some sweet trails. I felt I was pushing my luck all day and just before I was done I took a nasty spill over the handle bars and hurt my shoulder pretty good. I'm a boy what do you expect. Anyways a great day. I loved it and the bike road like a champ.

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I slept horrrible last night because of the shoulder, and almost didn't think I could even go this morning but I'm glad I went even though it hurt. We met up with Chad, Steve, Walter, Adam, Jeff M, and Josh & Megan.

It was a blast running with all those guys. We just kind of took the big loop around Park City. The group decided to take the Jarassic Park physical challange. So we went up over a mountain without a trail. Kind of interesting and fun.

We did one mile on the track after the run and I did a little on the track before we started. After the run we enjoyed breakfast and good conversation. Great start to the Saturday.

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Drive home from Park City. 

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10 mile run this morning. Part of the overpass loop only cut out Dogtown. I had a juicy stomach this morning from a long weekend of uncontrolled food consumption. This seems to be a trend for me on Mondays. My sore shoulder (from the bike crash on Friday) hurts pretty bad as well. There is a slight chance it could be broken or dislocated or something. The good news is I can run all the miles I want, the bad news is it really hurts to try and push any kind of pace. So that could end up being a real issue. Hopefully it will feel better every day.

I'll keep the miles at 100 or just under for the week. I'll most likely race a 5k on Saturday (Torrey Apple Days 5K) and would like to gauge my fitness from last years race- baring it's the same course.

(Blue Cumulus 405.25)

10 mile run this evening with the club. We'll call it Meat Grinder Monday's in the STG. We met up at the DC and ran over to the base of Webb Hill and ran it 3x with the downhill as a recovery. It is .92 up and the same down. In that distance you go from 2,610 to 3,150 in elevation- plus it's not even a real dirt road- very rocky and slick. One more thing it was at least 100 degrees.

1. 7:35- Did good on this one. Mouth got very dry. 

2. 7:50- Very thirsty again. I'll take way more water next week.

3. 8:15- Just totally lost it on this one. My quads wouldn't even go.

Not bad for a first timer this year on this workout. The goal is to do it once a week the rest of the summer and maybe add one more repeat but work on bringing the times down. If we can keep it up we'll all be running like champs at the end of the summer.


(Red Stratus) 

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