July 2006

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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

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Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

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I wanted to get to 80 miles this week but didn't know if I could after the 20 mile run on Friday so I had to play it by ear. The good news was I woke up this morning and felt great- not sore at all after the big run yesterday.

So I ran what I needed to get to week goal.

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Easy mountain miles at 10,000 ft+ elevation. Legs feeling a little sore now.

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No running today. We have been camping for the last few days and today we had to pack up and come home... Got stuck coming off the mountain and about a block after we got out from being stuck we ran out of gas in the old 74 Ford 4x4. Needless to say by the time we got home and unpacked it was to late to do a run.

I'll cut back this week and next to give my body some time to heal and to get ready to run the half in Bryce on July 17th.

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9 mile morning run

9 mile afternoon run

Felt great this morning. It was cooler than usual and I felt really stronge and healthy.

This afternoon was tricky- it wasn't as cool as it looked. Even thought it was overcast it was still around 100 and I talked myself into going out at 6:30 p.m. About 6 miles into the run started to feel dizzy and weak- I was by the hospital so I stopped by my office and called my wife to have her pick my up on the way home. After getting a drink and walking it out I continued on hoping she would show up and rescue me. But I made it home before she finished her stuff at work. Bad run... but glad to get the miles in.

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7 mile morning run.

8.3 miles with the club

Good afternoon run with the club. I had a side ache for the first 3-4 miles. I've had one the last 3 runs...don't get them very much; don't know why I'm getting them now. I've got to find a fix.

After the side ache went away I was able to get into a nice grove and felt really good. Pushed the pace from time-to-time along the route.

Its nice to get out and run with the guys. I find myself always pushing it harder when I know they are right behind me breathing fire down my neck.

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5 miles in moring

5 miles in afternoon

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Went with the club.

It was at least 12 could have been more. Good run. Fun to go up and run around Central. Really nice temp...

Steve cooked up some mean French Toast.

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Got up at 5a.m. and got a good run in this morning. Maybe the best workout I get all week. We are flying to St.Louis and driving to Nauvoo, IL today for the week.

The run went pretty good. I woke up this morning after having a dream that I took a wrong turn in a half marathon that I was winning. It took me out of the race...Scarry dream. So I got up and ran pretty hard thinking about how I would break the tape if I were really winning a half or whole marathon.

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Did a nice loop run around Nauvoo. 3-4 miles right along the Mississippi river. Everything is very green and lush.

We spent the day visiting all the historic sites. With my wifes little sister who is on a mission here.

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Did most of the same loop as the day before.

Today we are leaving early to go over to Carthiage to see the sites there and then come back over to Nauvoo to go to the temple at 11a.m.

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Ran a 10k distance ealy before we started our trip home. It was 3.1 miles from our room to the temple so I went down and back.

Had a good trip. Body feeling kind of funny. My diet on this trip has sucked as usual when I travel. I feel really "large" and sluggish on my runs out here. Hopefully I can get home and find some order before the race on Saturday morning.

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Back home.

Got up and did a short 5 mile run this morning before work. My miles suck for this week but I did want to taper off to race the half on Saturday. I may run a couple miles tonight when I get to Bryce Canyon just to help me stay relaxed.

Got 2 miles in tonight with Dustin.

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Did the Bryce Canyon half. one mile warm up.

The race went pretty good. I ran a 1:15.20...the seconds may be off. Finished in 5th place overall. 4th place in mens and 3rd in my age class. Yes I got "chicked". She was pretty dang fast. She passed me on mile marker 3 or so and throughout the race I thought I was going to catch her... I just never did. Same girl who won the ladies St. George Marathon last year.

I ran pretty good for most of the race- around mile's 8-9 I started having thoughts that it was beyond me to maintain this pace. However in a mile or so I was feeling better. The course was marked good, I hope it was pretty close in distance.

Overall felt good about the race. The $100 cash prize for 4th place in men's was a nice cherry on the top...

The elevation drop was around 2000 ft from 7,500 ft or so to 5,500 ft or so.

Ran two miles with my wife later in the night. Feeling pretty sore!

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did an nice morning run 5.5

5 miles in the afternoon.

Really sore from the run on Saturday. Walking around all day has been painful, even more painful than when I went out to run.

Hoping to run the sorness out of my legs...

Left foot is very sore still. However running isnt any worse than anything else so I don't think I'll stop.

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7 miles in the morning

7 miles in the afternoon

Still pretty sore but starting to feel better. I'm not sure if I will race on Saturday. I'll have to play it by ear and see how I feel. I'm in no way feeling good enough to race right now.

Happy to be still getting miles in, but its all at a real slow pace.

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6 in the morning

6 in the afternoon

Total Distance

2 miles in the morning

10.1 miles with the club tonight

Google earth said from the road up it was .9 so I'm thinking it was just over 10 last night.

Ran the first part pretty nice and easy until we go to the base of Webb Hill. Then I pushed myself to stay with Logan. By the time we got to the top both of us were breathing like smokers. Then on the way back we didn't run all out but clipped right along at a pretty fast pace all the way back to the park.

Really good workout. I made it through the workout a lot better than I thought I could due to how sluggish my legs have felt all week.

I still think it would be good for me to do a nice easy longer run on Saturday and skip the fast downhill 10k race. I want to go race so bad but just have this feeling like I shouldn't.

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5 miles at 5 p.m. What a killer!

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I went out for a 15 mile run and my wife drove by at mile marker 12 to see how I was doing and I just decided that I'd had enough.

Kind of felt like I let the last part of this week slide away, but plan on getting in some good miles next week.

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Went with to club on a trail run by Steve's house. Pretty good workout calves felt dead by the end of the run. After we got back to the car I jogged a couple more to cool off.

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6.5 morning run

6.5 run after work

Did both runs at easy pace. Just trying to feel my way into the week. Calves are still a little sore from the hills on Saturday, but starting to feel better.

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9 miles in the morning. I planned on going out this afternoon and getting 4 or 5 more but ended up in a family activity and not doing anymore. I'll have to make up those miles on Thursday. Feeling good on my runs. I'm finally out of that funk I was in after the half in Bryce... starting to get some MOJO back.

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9 miles in the morning

9.5 miles with the club

Felt really good on both runs. Hoping to stay good and healthy and put some good training weeks together the next 3-4 weeks and really bulk up on my miles.

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5 in the morning

7.3 in the afternoon

Good run this afternoon. Just went out for 5 but it was cooler and I felt good so I pressed on...I'm glad I did because I saw a turtle.

I was running out in the reserve down a trail and... holy cow what is that! A pretty big protected by soo many laws- turtle. I didn't think there was really any out here. So I broke a law and pick it up an moved it off the trail- weight 15-20 lbs it was pretty big.

I went back later with my wife looking for it with a camera thinking- its a turtle how far can it go... We never found it.

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Went out on a version of my big loop with Bill. Pretty hard run. Both of us were feeling the miles from our weeks adding up.

Glad I got the miles in- glad that run is over.

The only thing we saw was about a 3 inch scorpion that was dead in the road.

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6.5 in the morning (easy run)

6.5 in the afternoon (speed work)

Ran to the Pine View high school track for a 2 mile warm up. Then did some 800's-

1. 2:36 1:19/1:17

2. 2:36 1:18/1:18

3. 2:38 1:22/1:16

4. 2:39 1:23/1:16

Jogged a 800 between each timed 800. At the end did a mile cool down.

Took my wife with me to run the stop watch... and you know what- she wouldn't let me cheat. Felt pretty good about keeping them all under 2:40 because there was a good wind and it was give or take- 100 degrees down on the black track. When I finished the workout and got in my wifes car it said it was 100 @ 7:50 pm. The good news is thats 5-10 degrees cooler than it has been.

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