Bryce Half Marathon

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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


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Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

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Total Distance
Total Distance

5 miles a.m

7.5 miles p.m

I had my alarm set at 4:45 a.m and was going to go out and do 9- but at 4:30 I woke up and turned it off and went back to sleep. My wife finally got me to get up just after 6 a.m. and I did a quick 5. Feeling pretty good.

Too hot outside to run so I hit the treadmill. Warmed up for a mile or so and then hit a couple miles at around 6:30 pace then started a "speed play" series.

First a mile at 6 min pace. Then a recovery to a song (so like 3:30 min or something. Then one more at that pace but just a bit shorter. Recovery to a song.

Then just over a half mile at 5:30 pace- one song recovery.

Finished up at about a half mile at 5:00 pace and then a short cool down.

Kind of a fun way to pass the time on the treadmill. Not too hard of a speed workout but still got the legs moving.

Total Distance

9 miles in the morning

6 miles in the afternoon on treadmill

Did the morning loop up around new overpass and around Washington. Then made my way back home. Felt really good and it was nice to be out early. There was a couple miles up on the dirt that were slow because it was dark and I couldn't see all the bumps in the road.

Ran on the treadmill this afternoon. Just a even paced 6:40 type run. I do like the way the treadmill makes me run with a good, smooth form.

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Total Distance

Meet up with the STG running club at 5:30 this morning for a 4th of July run from Enterprise Lake down to Veyo on the back dirt road. Good run. The course was good with some climbing and some downhill. We stopped at mile 5 to wait for Bill who was feeling a little sore. Then we made our way around the hill up and down to mile 13 and waited for Dustin and Bill. Then from there down we made our way down to the car at mile 17.5 then I ran one more mile to cool off and walked it back waiting for the guys to come.

The first 13 miles felt great. We just moved along talking and enjoying the morning. Then after the wait we all started feeling cramped because of running and then stopping. Plus we all needed some water and were starting to get dehydrated. Once we got going again it only took just over a half mile to get warmed up again and then started pushing the last few. Hit the last three miles at 5:40 pace. Then I needed a drink bad.

Total Distance

9.2 miles this morning. New overpass loop. A little sore this morning from the run with the club on the 4th. The downhill at the last was pretty steep and I was hitting that section at about 5:15 pace... now I can feel it.

9.1 miles this evening with the club.

Good run tonight. Although the first three miles or so were hard then I finally started to feel good. We didn't get going until around 8:10 p.m. or so and it was still around 105 but there was clouds and the sun wasn't melting us like ants. We ran over to Entrada golf course and hit the back nine. It's nice to run on the golf course- just feels a little cooler. Then we found a stash of water and it made things a lot better because at that point I was very dry. Made our way back to the store- pace for the run was all just nice and easy.

Total Distance

12 miles a.m. Got up this morning to find that the clouds that made our evening run last night so nice- had kept the overnight low down to around 90 degrees this morning at 6:30 a.m. It just didn't feel cool at all. In fact there was a light breeze and it felt like a blow dryer hitting you in the face.

I did the powerline trail up above the Green Spring golf course and ran into Dave up there. So I ran with him for a couple miles until I had to split over to the golf course. There I hit up the water tank and got a well needed drink and soked my hat before finishing the last 2.5 or so. Other than the warm morning it was a good run.

4.3 miles this afternoon on the treadmill.

Total Distance

Ran early this morning with Bill and Dave. I had planned on doing an 8 mile tempo run with some warm up and cool down miles. However when we started running it just didn't feel like a good thing. So we just did an old skool longer run down through town. It was nice once we got down by the river- you could feel a little cooler air. Felt good and happy it is Saturday.

Around 10 p.m. I went out for anouther 6.5 to try out a new pair of shoes and to push it over 100 for the week. Feeling good but will be happy for a rest on Sunday.

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Total Distance

9.25 miles a.m. It sure felt like Monday this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed, then once out running I felt very robotic. I saw Dave out doing his 20 and we did a high five and continued on our way. I had to hit a construction sit for a porta stop and then finally on the last three miles I started to feel good.

6.25 miles this evening on the treadmill. Blah! Blah! Blah!

Total Distance

A.M. 10 miles

Did an out and back temp run. I ran up into the industrial park and up to the water tank to be out 4.5 in 33:30 (uphill)- then turned around and tried to hit it harder on the way back. Came home in 25:20 and then did a mile to cool down. I felt I could have pushed the last two miles harder but had to go to the restroom bad so I was just staying in a comfort zone as to avoid any problems. Pace on the way back was around 5:25 min/mile and was that kind of effort on the way up but slower due to the hill.

4.5 miles on treadmill this afternoon.

Total Distance

Morning run from ???

Today was going to be track workout day with the club. I wanted to get in a long run, and still wanted to do a track workout so. I got up at 4:30 and it was still 86 degrees out- sucks I was hoping for 70's. I gave myself an hour to go run and be at the track by 6 a.m. to meet the guys. I ran down into town and looped Foremaster hill and up to Pine View HIgh track right on time at 6 a.m. and 8.5 miles into my hour run so far. I got to the school and jogged around it to find a porta potty (very helpful at the time) - then jogged back to the track and did one more mile on it to warm up with Tony (the only one who showed up). Now Ten miles into the run and start the 800"s. No time goal not knowing what to expect after doing 10 miles.

1. 2:40- not too bad, not too good as far as time but feeling pretty good.

2. 2:37- A little faster but nothing to write home about.

3. 2:38- Now starting to feel like maybe I'm tierd and maybe I need to be done for the day.

4. 2:40- Wanted to finish hard and run the fastest one- but a head wind came up on both laps of this one and I run around a 2:36-37 effort but now I'm done for real just get me home.

400 recovery after each 800.

Run home from high school 2 more miles to put me at 15. Goal for the morning was to finish off 20 miles after the track workout. But by the time I got up to the gas station one mile from home I just came home and decided to finish tonight with 5 more miles on the treadmill. Got on the scale and was 146 after drinking. So I'm sure I was down a pound or two lower than 146- my all time low. Very dehydrated. Kind of sick on the couch for a couple hours after. I know I'm a baby.

8 more miles this afternoon. No, not on the treadmill. It RAINED! The first time in like three months. So today at around 2 p.m. it was 80 degrees and cooler than 5 o'clock this morning. I pretty much dropped everything and went out. I was a little tierd but felt great. In the hour I was gone it went from 80 to 94 by the time I got home.

Total Distance

Got up and road in the car with my wife and all the running girls in the club to 5 miles up the marathon course from the running store. Then I ran home over skyline and did a little detor up on top to make sure it was at least ten. Felt like death when I got up- but started running and just tried to keep good form, but wasn't pushing it at all. Ended up running the ten miles right at 1 hour. That just shows what the downhill on that course can do. You feel like crap and you run easy and you still run pretty fast.

Now I'm off to Lake Powell for the weekend with the scouts in my ward. I hope to get some miles in down there. If I can get away from the ski boat or out of the house boat and if I can find a place to run.

Total Distance

Got up at 5:30 a.m. on the house boat and jumped on a jet ski to drive across the lake to the marina so I could run. Hit the road that runs down to Page, AZ. Went out and back. Alot of up hill and then some fast downhill on the way back. Finished and went back to the fun stuff.

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Total Distance

Same as Friday morning. Great morning run watching the sun rise up over the lake.

Total Distance

New overpass loop this morning. Feeling ok for Monday. A lot of junk in my belly- so trying to get it through the system as fast as possible. I didn't get to finish off my week very good last week, and this week I'll cut it down to get ready to race on Saturday. So it's a good break or a waste of some good training time. It depends on how you look at it. Right now I'm not sure how I see it.

This evening the wind kicked up big time and we got a little microburst of rain. I wanted to test the waters and so I was out in it. Not too bad. A lot better than a normal hot evening. Even though the wind almost knocked me off my feet.

I've got a ripped, or torn abdominal muscal. I must have did it down at the lake water sking or something like that. It's pretty painful. At easy pace there is no pain but as the pace increases I sure do feel it. I tried some sit ups and could hardly even do one. I'm not sure what it is, but hope it heals soon.

Total Distance

Nice morning run up in the reserve. 8 miles. The desert smells so good after a rain. It ended up raining for a few hours last night-Good, but it is a little muggy out today. No complaints here, I'll take rain every day of the week. Stomach muscals are still pretty tight. I'm not sure what to do. I'm going to give it a couple days and see if it starts to feel better and if not I'll have to have it checked out. If it hurts like this I may not be racing this weekend. Frowny face. We'll just have to see.

5 more miles tonight late around 10 p.m. after the ward pool party. Belly muscals still sore but will start ice and rest on Wednesday.

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Total Distance

5.5 miles this morning

5 miles in the evening

Morning run was just easy pace up into the reserve. Went out to the powerline and back.

Evening run did the club house loop. Warmed up for a little over two and then tried a mile and a half at around 5:20 pace. Held the pace but didn't feel good. Stomach is producing a lot of acid. Still painfull with presure. I looked on Web MD and decided best case it could be a muscal strain- worst case it could be anything. If it is a muscal strain about the only thing I can do is relax and give it time. Ice and Advile work too. Kind of a bummer. I don't wont to pull out of the race this weekend because I've been looking forward to it for so long. So I'll most likely run- just not %100. I still have a couple days to start feeling better so I'm hoping to be able to game on race day.

Total Distance

Four miles on the treadmill this morning. Relaxing today and will run with the club this afternoon.

6.6 miles tonight with the running club.

Pace was slow and we chatted the length of the run. Everyone is going up to Bryce and it should be fun. My abs didn't bother me at all on the run- but the pace was slow. I'm just crossing my fingures that by Saturday morning I'm ready to race.

Total Distance

2 miles on the treadmill this morning. Way too smokey outside to run.

3 miles up in Tropic (Bryce Canyon) after we eat dinner. Went with Steve and Logan.

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Race: Bryce Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:11:36, Place overall: 6, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.

Slept about 3 hours last night in our wonderful motel, but when I got up I felt better than I'd felt all week. Ab's didn't hurt and I just got ready to head up to the start. Got to the start and saw Mike Vicke and knew Hobie was comming so thought things could be fun. Got a good warm-up in and then used the porta potty one too many times as the last time I went it stunk so bad I was dry heaving and didn't puke because I had nothing in my stomach to push up. Wonderful pre-race fun. At the start we had a fase start and everyone kept running but Dave and I. We stopped and then when everyone kept going we started again. Maybe a 5-10 second waste of time. I ran a pretty good race considering on Tuesday I wasn't even going to run at all- that's how bad my ab's hurt. At mile 5 the pain showed up and just held me back. From there in I struggled to stay in the race. So it went like this.

1. 5:36- Dave and I catch up to Logan after the false start. Some slight downhill and some up.

2. 5:30- The three of us trying to get into race mode. .6 uphill .4 downhill

3. 4:52- The step downhill. Way to fast for me. Too step too.

4. 4:58- Same as mile 3

5. 5:11- Starting to cramp- ab's and legs.

6. 5:10- The guys start pulling away.

7. 5:30- Gets flat through here

8. 5:48- A climb up before you get to the town of Tropic- Now I want to just pull out early, but my pride makes me finish. I'm having a hard time keeping this pace.

9. 5:46- More of the same.

10. 5:36- Gradual downhill helps me pass the time. But the race is over. I do some quick math and make a new goal of running under 1:12.

11. 5:37- Actually start to feel good right here and start wanting to chase down Dave and the other guy from Durango, Co.

12. 5:47- As quick as I felt good I felt bad again with a side ache that sends me into "hold on for dear life" mode.

13. 5:40- Flat road and I can see the end.

.2 5:25 pace... No big finish, just happy to be done.

Overall not a good race. Goal was sub 1:10. But even on a bad race took a PR on this course and a new PR for the half marathon. Last year I ran a 1:15 here and my PR was at Hobble with a 1:12. So if I'm healthy and start getting some better speed workouts I think a 1:08 can happen in a month at Hobble Creek.

Hobie showed why he's one of the best in the state pushing out a 1:04 flat! Mike V. ran a 1:07. Dave and Logan both ran great kicking my butt, but I'll let them tell about it. For some reason I'm just glad this race is over?

Total Distance

Easy morning run with Sasha. We left from his house and ran down the trail to Utah Lake. Out three miles back three miles. Most of the run was just easy. Sasha wanted to do one mile at around 5:40 pace tempo- so we did.

I'm a little sore from the race on Saturday. More than I thought I'd be actually. I'm going to try and get a run in this afternoon and then join Sasha or Steve O. on the marathon in the morning around the 16 mile mark- so I'll run the last 10 in with one of them, or try to.

6 miles tonight. Ran up to Mt. View High School and did laps on the half mile loop around the baseball field. The run reminded me of when I ran at UVSC- one of my old training runs. A little rain this afternoon so the temp was down. Nice run!

Total Distance

Des News Marathon- the last 11 or so miles-This is kind of a race report but not mine.

This was one of the funnest running things I've ever did. We drove from Orem up to SLC at Hogle Zoo so I could run the last part of the marathon with Sasha. Why? My reasoning was 3 fold.

1. So I could get a tempo type workout in before driving home and not wanting to do it in St. George.

2. Help Sasha in any way I could.

3. See the last part of the Des News course in person- Next year I'll run it.

Did a couple miles warm up waiting for Sasah to get to the Zoo. I'm still kind of sore so I hope that I can hang in there and not get dropped by Sasha on the way in. I ended up feeling great. The best I've felt in a couple weeks. Stomach felt fine and legs moved good considering the weekend. Sasha came along and I gave him an update on the leaders and then it was time to buckle down and run.

Our splits went like this.

Keep in mind this is somewhere around Sasha's 15th mile.

1. 5:37- a little downhill past the Zoo, then steep but short little hill.

2. 6:03- We start pulling away from the guy who was right behind Sasha when I picked him up.

3. 5:54- Smooth relaxed pace

4. 5:57- same

5. 6:06- Same

6. 6:10- Same, small incline around here.

7. 6:03- We would run easy on the uphill and push the flat and downhill a little harder.

8. 6:13- Same effort- little climb

9. 6:14- Sasha is hanging tough

10. 6:22- Now he just wants to be done, I try and keep him relaxed and try to be a good wind blocker so he can draft, but I'm not that big to block any kind of head wind.

11. 6:37- Slows dwon a little but there was no need for him to push the pace. Next guy (Steve O) was around 10 mins back.

Just an awsome run. I decided I like running the end of marathons when I haven't run the first 15. The weather was great too. After Sasha finished I went back out to bring Steve O in and somehow missed him... don't ask me how. So while he was finishing I found Walter in a bad way (walking) and tryed to get him in. He showed a lot of guts at the end and fought off being chicked.

Good job to everyone who ran today! We missed the Logan guys so I sent some stuff with Sasha to give to them.

Total Distance

Woke up to an amazing morning in STG for July. Around 74 degrees and overcast. So I went out for an 8 mile loop but around 6 miles into it I thought I might as well enjoy the weather and so I went a little farther. I ran very easy the whole way. My legs can still feel some hang over from the last few days.

No run this afternoon. Very, Very Sick. The last couple weeks my stomach has been right on the line of being healthy or sick and today it jumped right in. Hours in the bathroom.

Total Distance

No run this morning. Still sick. First time being this sick in a couple years.

Total Distance

Still sick. Maybe the worst I've been in a couple years.

Total Distance

Wow! What a week. Today I finally started to feel good later in the evening but ended up running out of time. It feels like a big waste taking so many days off. I hope I can get back into things pretty quick and that it won't hurt me too bad.

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Up at 4:40 a.m. for a little nine-mile shake out after a four-day hiatus. Stomach is finally feeling regular again. At least I’m able to eat now without it coming back out within 20 min’s. Calves are a little tight but that’s to be expected after not running for so long. I just want to try and get some good mileage in this week and try and get back into shape. I also want to get one good speed workout in.

8 miles this evening. Went out around 8 p.m after the rain storm. This rain we've been getting is awsome. It sure helps the days cool off. My lower calf's are pretty sore- a little more than normal. I guess I'll have to use the stick and roll them out. Ouch!

Total Distance

7.5 miles this morning

7 miles ths eveing

Nothing too fun to report. So far this week I'd did 4 runs and have had to take 3 potty stops off the trail. It's like I have to train my body all over again.

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