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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


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Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

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Baby Jogger Lifetime Miles: 623.95
Kinvara Lifetime Miles: 313.32
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Kinvara2 Lifetime Miles: 350.20
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Neon Launch Miles: 4.50Green Pegasus Miles: 10.20BlueKinvara Miles: 12.60Pegasus Miles: 12.00Ride Miles: 12.20Ghost Yellow Miles: 18.00
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Ol' DC loop. Felt fantastic for a Monday morning. Hip worked with minimal pain. Legs swung freely and I just seemed to float through the run. Good stuff to strart the week off with... and feel good after Saturdays marathon.

4.5 Miles on the treadmill this afternoon

Neon Launch Miles: 4.50Green Pegasus Miles: 10.20
Total Distance

Tempo Tuesday... or at least a poor attempt. It was 80 F when I walked outside just after 5 a.m. I knew today would be hard. Temps this summer have been pretty mild and I'm just not use to running in hotter conditions. Durning the 3 mile warm up I was sweaty and kind of just wanted to bag doing tempo. But the warm up came and went and next thing I knew we were underway.

5:44 first mile. Still finishing off the conversation and getting into it.



.5 5:23

at mile 3.5 I started gagging and also didn't know if the guys were still coming. So I stopped and waited. While catching my breath. Soon after Logan came up the trail and I jumped back in with him. Hit the last 1.5 miles at like a 5:45 avg. Just couldn't get going again.

I don't know what to think about this effort. Not good by any means. But better than sleeping in like I was tempted to do. Still really having a hard time getting the body to want to go back into "race" gear. I'd struggle to race a half right now... So is the DesNews half in a few weeks a good idea? Hmm...

5.1 miles on the treadmill this afternoon. Way too hot outside.. 107F! ):

BlueKinvara Miles: 12.60
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Total Distance

Over to the DC and back. Up at 4:20 and bugged to see the temp at 85 F. That's what I hate about this time of year. The hot days are one thing. But the hot morings just suck. Yesterday was hot and then it clouded up in the afternoon- locking in the heat. So as I ran into a slight breeze this morning it felt like a blow dryer in my face. Mouth got dry in like a mile. The run really wasn't that great. Tight hip too. FML

5 miles on the treadmill this evening. Feet feel tired. I started working at the running store on Wednesday mornings and am not use to standing all day... Plus I wore some old racing flats to work and by the time I left I was soo ready to be off my feet.


Pegasus Miles: 12.00
Total Distance

DC loop with a couple before. Ran into Steven Abraham Lincoln Hooper Pope Abercrombie and Fitch down by the Dr. Free clinic. He decided to loop back with me for a few miles. No watch but pace was honest somewhere between 6:30-7:00. Temps were a little cooler this morning and it felt lots better even at 74 F. Both the hip and hammy are getting tight. Need to spend some time with them both today.

Ride Miles: 12.20
Total Distance

Ran the Steven Abraham Lincoln Hooper Pope Abercrombie and Fitch spectacular annual 4th of July run today... Kind of. There are fires up on the regular course so today it was out on the Utah Hill 14 mile loop. It sounded horrible yesterday but ended up not being that bad. After I extended out and around the Bloomington Circle and back to square it off at 18. Haydo kept the pace honest and we hit a 6:58 avg. Not too bad for dirt and some hard climbs. It was warm and I did a fair amount of sweating. But after we crested the final climb there was a nice breeze that actually felt really good all the way back to the cars.

Ghost Yellow Miles: 18.00
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Long run on the marathon training loop.

11 mile warm up @ 7:00 pace... ended up catching the 7 min guy right at the 11 mile mark. Spent the first 4 miles or so in a daze. Kind of seeing stars and almost blacking out. I must have been somewhat out of it. Becaue earlier I scared the shiz out of myself and thought I saw the white lady sitting there looking at me... truely was scared stiff. Oh boy... lol

Only took one Gu and drink at mile 8. It was 80 F and very humid. I was a sweaty pig early and often. And eventually started to cramp up even with the salt pills I'd taken before the run.

10 mile tempo at 5:48 avg or  in 58:14

After the 11 mile warm up I wanted to hit some kind of tempo/  workout. Even though I felt trashed. Quads were even sore from the run yesterday out on Utah Hill. I thought I'd just run as hard and smooth as I could to finish off the last 10 miles of a 21 mlie run. Started to die at around mile 6 and hit a 5:55 there. Thought about pulling the plug but pressed on. Hit mile 7 at 5:42 and got some confidence back to finish under a 5:50 avg.

Not a crazy awesome workout but fairly solid with the hot temps and longer run yesterday. Glad to get through the whole thing without wussing out. :)

.10 cool down back over to the car

Total Distance
Neon Launch Miles: 4.50Green Pegasus Miles: 10.20BlueKinvara Miles: 12.60Pegasus Miles: 12.00Ride Miles: 12.20Ghost Yellow Miles: 18.00
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